Pennyboard holder 27″ - 3D printable - STL files




Welcome to our 3D printable pennyboard holder for 27″ pennyboards - The ideal solution for storing your pennyboard in style!

With our customized STL file for the wall mount, you can easily and securely hang your 27″ pennyboard on the wall. This mount provides a convenient way to display your pennyboard while saving space.

Functions of the wall bracket:

  • Universal fit: The STL file has been carefully designed to ensure a perfect fit for 27″ pennyboards. The bracket can be easily attached to the wall, either with screws or cable ties.
  • Simple assembly: The wall bracket is quick and easy to install.
  • Safe storage: Your pennyboard is securely attached to the axle so that it is not only stylishly presented but also safely stored.

Please note: No physical components will be sent. You will receive the files in STL format and must print them out on a 3D printer in order to build the project.

This offer includes the STL files you need to print the 3D printable parts for the project.

  • You will soon find further information about the construction and other required components: construction articles:
  • Observe the safety instructions linked below during assembly and use: Click here
  • Additional components are required to build the complete project. A complete list of the required parts can be found in Construction items.



Below you can see an overview of the usual dimensions of the product. If dimensions are missing, please let us know contact form let us know and we will add this later.

File list

  • pennyboard_27_inch_wall_mount_X.stl


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