RoPlate - 3D printable turntable - STL files




The RoPlate Project includes a 3D printable turntable. This is perfect for product presentations or whenever an object needs to be shown from as many sides as possible.

With those at the RoPlate The built-in controls allow you to adjust the rotation speed and direction. The rotation movement can also be switched on and off. The integrated battery can be charged via a USB-C port.

This offer contains the STL files you need to print the 3D printable components for the 3D printable turntable RoPlate required.

  • You will soon find further information about the construction and other required components in the construction article. As soon as it is published it will be linked here.
  • Observe the safety instructions linked below during assembly and use: Click here
  • Additional components are required to build the complete project. A complete list of required parts can be found in the assembly article.

Attention: No physical components will be sent. You will receive the files in STL format and must print them on a 3D printer in order to build the project.





File list

  • top_rotary_plate_X.stl
  • base_X.stl
  • bearing_fix_inner_X.stl
  • bearing_fix_outer_X.stl
  • motor_gear_X.stl


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