MagicMirror frame parts - attachments for precise positioning of the TFT display - 3D printable - STL files


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Create a professionally constructed MagicMirror with our high-quality 3D printable frame parts.

Here we offer you the STL files for the 3D printed frame parts, which were specially developed to hold the Lenovo Q24i-1L TFT display, the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W and other components precisely in the self-made wooden frame.

With the STL files offered, you can easily create your own frame parts on your 3D printer and integrate them into the self-built oak frame.

Product features:

  • Precise fit: Our carefully designed STL files enable you to produce 3D printed frame parts that are precisely tailored to the Lenovo Q24i-1L TFT display.
  • Versatile integration: The frame parts not only hold the Lenovo display, but also the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, the Power Delivery Breakout Board and the StepDown to USB converter.
  • High quality design: The professionally designed frame parts not only give your MagicMirror a robust structure, but also an aesthetic and professionally appealing look.

Dive into the world of Smart Mirrors and start your DIY project today by using our high quality STL files to create your own MagicMirror 3D printed frame parts!

Please note: No physical components will be sent. You will receive the files in STL format and must print them out on a 3D printer in order to build the project.

This offer contains the STL files you need to print the 3D printable components for the MagicMirror frame required.

  • You will soon find further information about the construction and other required components: construction articles: MagicMirror – Build your own MagicMirror
  • Observe the safety instructions linked below during assembly and use: Click here
  • Additional components are required to build the complete project. A complete list of the required parts can be found in Construction items.


The following gallery contains images of the CAD renderings and the finished structure. More pictures are available in the construction article.

Rendering from the CAD tool: The various components are shown in different colors to make them more visible.



The dimensions shown below are the dimensions of the MagicMirror, which you can build with the 3D printable frame parts available here.

File list

  • corner_bracket_X.stl
  • corner_bracket_X_MIR.stl
  • corner_bracket_bottom_X.stl
  • corner_bracket_bottom_X_MIR.stl
  • glass_mount_bracket_long_X.stl
  • glass_mount_bracket_short_inc_power_input_X.stl
  • usb_c_breakout_board_holder_X.stl
  • corner_bracket_seperated_X.stl
  • corner_bracket_bottom_seperated_lid_X_MIR.stl
  • raspi_mount_X.stl
  • wall_mount_bracket_X.stl
  • hanger_cover_plate_X.stl
  • glass_mount_bracket_short_incl_hanger_X.stl
  • corner_bracket_bottom_seperated_X.stl
  • corner_bracket_bottom_seperated_lid_X.stl
  • corner_bracket_bottom_seperated_X_MIR.stl
  • wall_distancer_X.stl
  • corner_bracket_seperated_lid_X.stl
  • corner_bracket_seperated_X_MIR.stl
  • corner_bracket_seperated_lid_X_MIR.stl


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