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      Hello all,
      I am new to this forum.
      I've been working with Lorawan and Node Red for a few months now. It's working well for me as a complete beginner.
      Sensors are running…alarms are working too…dashboard looks good too.

      Now my request:

      My sensor (BME280) sends a data packet via Lorawan every 15 minutes, filters it with a function node (only needs temperature and humidity) and displays it on the dashboard.
      Now I would like an alarm (I use pushover) to be sent, but not when a certain temperature is exceeded, but rather when the value from the last measurement to the current one deviates by x degrees (X%).
      e.g. the value increases/decreases by 0.2° = nothing happens// it increases/decreases by 0.8° = alarm.
      Could someone explain that to me?
      Merry Christmas

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