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Now I’m starting an article for the second time in which I write that will open soon. The last article ( is more than two years old. I also recently noticed that I registered the domain three years ago.

So you see: I’ve been working on this project for a long time.

In between, I was completely away from this idea. I quickly noticed that it takes a lot of work to create and maintain a page like this. I am completely honest: I personally enjoy building, tinkering, developing ideas and further developing or optimizing implemented solutions most.


If there was no “but” I would not write this text. 🙂
I believe that there is a lot of good in “doing it yourself”. We as people all over the world are facing many problems. Globalization is both a curse and a blessing. We are just noticing that we cannot happily continue to burn fossils and that the resources on a finite planet are actually finite also.

You cannot solve all of these problems by doing it yourself. But you can support the solution with it. Every device that is repaired somewhere does not have to be rebuilt elsewhere. Every device that I can build myself at home with the help of 3D printers and some time invested does not have to be transported to me via complicated and often resource-consuming logistics systems.

In short: If everyone were able to not only repair their required equipment on site but also build it, we could probably send five to ten fewer container ships per month and country across the world’s oceans. I wrote something similar (also about two years ago) in this article:

Nerdism connects

What I noticed especially in the last few months: nerds stick together. The hobby connects. Regardless of whether you grew up in India, Australia, Tristan da cunha or anywhere else on our planet. The scientific basis for any project is immovably the same all over the world. There is no language barrier in Ohm’s law and there are no cultural differences in mathematical equations. Science has no prejudices.

The whole thing is (currently) supported by the advent of 3D printers: An STL file that I have drawn and tried out in Germany can also provide useful (very probably even more useful) services in a developing country or crisis area.


All of these are reasons for me why I have (finally) started this page and want to keep it running as long as possible.

Not because I believe that my constructions presented here are “world-changing”. But maybe. someday, somehow a genius that is able to do so, even “nudged” closer to a world-changing invention by referring to

I have already written in another article that tools are required to construct complicated machines. Without the invention of the phillips screwdriver, nobody would get far today when inventing a new device.

If can be a small “Phillips screwdriver” (maybe one for the very small screws) on the way to the invention of the almighty “world-rescue-machine”, I would be very happy about it. 🙂

It works

Some may have already put me in the “Oh he is very naive”-drawer with this view. But you can see that this can work. (I am writing the article at a time when the Corona crisis has now seized the world for a month).

All over the world, numerous designers have developed a wide variety of designs for face masks or “face shields” and made them publicly available. As a result, “FabLabs” have started producing these potentially life-saving aids all over the world.

Of course, this is not the “world rescue machine” yet. But I am certain that it saved or protected human lives. And also that these protected lives are “world-saving” for some families. In this respect, these masks have not yet saved the whole world, but they have saved small (social) worlds in many families all over the world, saved them suffering and helped to make the world better overall.

With I would like to participate in such developments and contribute to them.

On you will probably notice that I worked almost only with pictures and very few videos to explain the corresponding projects and their structure.

My intention when writing the articles was (and always is) that they support a replica of the respective project as well as possible. Maybe this is subjective, but I don’t think videos are ideal for this.

The ongoing playback always makes you feel somehow rushed. The running progress bar often seems to me like a clock that says “faster, faster! You have to keep up. Build faster!”. I want to avoid this feeling when replicating. Everyone should – if they want to – be able to recreate the projects at their own pace. The only thing that should drive him is the motivation to complete the project. No matter whether he is interested in the finished project or in the construction process. But always at your own pace.

But I do not want to rule out that I will also use a few videos in the future. I would also like to hear your opinion on this. What do you think about that?

Tips, improvement and advice

Actually a suitable transition to my next request:

Some of the articles on were created during the day. Some while I was sitting outside on the terrace. Still others (to fulfill a few nerd clichés here) while I sat at my desk at three o’clock on Saturday night, only illuminated by the screen, in sweatpants.

Accordingly, the quality of the articles may fluctuate somewhat. There are certainly numerous spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or poorly readable “tapeworm sentences”. Sometimes maybe a “BLUUUB” or “BLAAA” in the place where there shouldn’t be a blub or bla.

Because sometimes, when I’m in the “Flow”, I enter placeholders that I want to replace later with links or other information. And then sometimes I forgot exactly that. My translations are certainly not always perfect. So if you should find any of these positions, please leave me a comment in the corresponding article and I will correct the relevant position. 🙂

In some articles I have also entered placeholders, where I will add information later. Simply because I didn’t want this missing content to stand in the way of opening


I usually only post finished building instructions for my projects on If you want to accompany me on the way instead, you can follow me on my Instagram or Facebook profile. There I regularly post updates on the development and also the “failures” of my projects.



Thank you

Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you”. Thanks to all the people in my life who are important to me. For always supporting and promoting me and my “creative streak”. Who have always helped and supported me with tips and advice and sometimes simply through distraction.

Because sometimes it is not the day-long brooding over a problem, but rather the “coffee for two”, the beer with a buddy or lunch with the family that suddenly shows the solution to a problem.

Thank you.

Stay creative, positive and sometimes take a break

… I think that would be my advice if I was asked what it takes to successfully complete a project.

I am looking forward to the coming time and would be happy to discuss problems and solutions, future or old projects and further developments with you.

Leave comments if you have any questions, write me if you have any ideas, but above all “stay creative, positive and take a break sometimes”. 🙂

Best wishes


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