What is this? What am I doing here? And where is all this supposed to lead?

So now I've had this page registered or online for almost nine months and haven't written a real word to fill it.
I'm going to change that now.


First of all, about me: I'm in my late twenties, a student (electrical engineering) and overall an advocate of the nerdy way of life with all its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages: I can handle small to medium-sized repairs myself.

Disadvantages: I can't leave new electronic devices packed up and do something else first.

Even as a toddler, I found sockets fascinating and since then my love of wanting to get to know all kinds of technology has continued throughout my life. In the course of this blog life I will certainly tell you more about myself. But now to the essentials.


What really matters to me is to make it clear why the world needs a site or blog like nerdiy.de. The attentive reader will certainly have noticed that “nerdiy” is a small combination of the words “Nerdy” and “DIY” (Do It Yourself). And these two words actually describe very well what it will be about.
On nerdiy.de I would like to show over time how you can help yourself with many electrical, mechanical and general technical problems. With all the electrical appliances you have at home these days, it is almost inevitable that you will be confronted with defective devices at some point in your life. Once the device defect has entered your life, the only option is usually to have the whole thing repaired or to buy a new device. From a financial perspective, both are usually far from “cheap”.
I would like to try to show here that there is another way, what can be repaired and what cannot, and where the error actually was in the end.

Building instructions

Of course, since the average adult nerd doesn't wait all day for something to break so that it can be repaired, there has to be something else to satisfy the nerd in us.
That's why I will present a few self-made projects from time to time.
Some of them will be our own creations, but others will also be ideas inspired by other people's projects (with the appropriate reference, of course) or there will be a combination of these.
Anyone who values it should also have the opportunity to learn something about what they are doing there. What is important to me is that the project works in the end.

There's nothing more frustrating than tinkering with something for three weekends in a row and then realizing all your effort was for nothing.
It is also important to me that the respective project ultimately has the appropriate quality. Because for the average nerd, the WAF (=Wife Acceptance Factor) also plays a role. A “naked” VFD clock where you can see down to the circuit boards will certainly make some nerds’ hearts beat faster. Most partners will probably only tolerate this reluctantly for optical/aesthetic reasons. Of course, it is important to find a compromise that makes all parties happy.

In order not to put you through too much stress, here are a few example projects that are already being planned:
– the (almost obligatory) WordClock
– The smart home with open source software like FHEM, NodeRed, Etc.
– WiFi and GSM weather station
– Self-built sensors to be able to feed the smart home with data

As soon as there is something new about this, you will of course find out about it here immediately. 🙂

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