What's this about? What am I doing here? And where should all this lead?

So this page is online for almost nine months and I did not write at least one word to fill it yet.
I'll change that now.


First of all to me: I'm in my late twenties, a student (electrical engineering) and overall an advocate of the Nerdian way of life with all its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage: I can handle small to medium repair of most electrical and mechanical devices on myself.

Disadvantages: I can't leave new electrical appliances packed and do something else first.

Even as a toddler, I found electrical outlets fascinating and since then, the preference to deal with technology of all kinds, has continued through my life. In the course of this blog life I will certainly tell more about me. But now for the first to the essential.


What really matters to me is to make it clear why the world needs a page or blog like nerdiy.de. The attentive reader has certainly noticed that "nerdiy" is a small combination of the words "Nerdy" and "DIY" (= Do It Yourself). And these two words actually describe very well what it's about.
On nerdiy.de I would like to show over time how one can help oneself with many electrical, mechanical and generally technical problems. With all the electrical appliances you have at home these days, it is almost inevitable that you will be confronted with defective equipment during your lifetime. If the device defect first stepped into your own life, there is usually only the possibility to give the whole for repair or to purchase a new device. Both are financially, mostly far from cheap.
That it is also different, what you can fix and what not, and where in the end the error has lain, I would like to try to show on Nerdiy.de.

Construction manuals

Of course, as the average adult nerd does not spend the whole day waiting for something to break down, there must be something else to satisfy the nerd in us.
Therefore, from time to time, I will also present a few DIY projects.
Sometimes it will be own creations, but sometimes also ideas inspired by foreign projects (of course with the corresponding hint) or it will be a combination of them.
Those who value it should also get the opportunity to learn something about what they are doing there. However, it is important to me that the project also works in the end.

Nothing is more frustrating than working on things for three weekends and then realizing that all the effort was for nothing.
It is also important to me that the project has the right quality at the end. Of course, WAF (= Wife Acceptance Factor) also plays a role for the average nerd. A "naked" VFD watch that lets you watch all the way up to the boards will surely make some nerd hearts beat faster. However, most partners will tolerate this for optical/aesthetic reasons only reluctantly. Of course, here is a compromise needed that will make all parties happy.

In order not to stretch you too much to the torture, here are some sample projects that are already in planning:
– the (almost obligatory) WordClock
– The smart home with open source software like FHEM, NodeRed, Etc.
– WLAN and GSM weather station
– Self-built sensors to feed the smart home with data

Of course, as soon as there is something new, you can find out on Nerdiy.de immediately. 🙂

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