PrintAirPipe - 125 Air Sensor Segment - 3D Printable - STL Files


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With the help of the PrintAirPipe - 125 Air Sensor Segment for the PrintAirPipe System it is possible to measure various properties of the air around the pipe system.

For this purpose, a BME680, a BME280 and one of the available Fermion gas sensors from DF-Robot be installed.

The sensors can then be read out using the SeeedStudio XIAO ESP32 S3 built into the sensor segment. Thanks to the firmware based on the ESPHome framework, the data can easily be forwarded to a SmartHome system or elsewhere and processed accordingly. 

This also makes it possible to react to certain values. For example, the supply air path can be shut off after a certain change in air quality has been detected. For this purpose, the PrintAirPipe - ServoValve be used.

Are you looking for other offers for the PrintAirPipe system? There are also the following segments:

Please note: No physical components will be sent. You will receive the files in STL format and must print them out on a 3D printer in order to build the project.

This offer contains the STL files you need to print the 3D printable components for the PrintAirPipe - 125 Air Sensor Segmentst required.

  • You will soon find further information on the assembly and other components required in the assembly article. It will be linked here as soon as it is published.
  • Observe the safety instructions linked below during assembly and use: Click here

Additional components are required to build the complete project. A complete list of the required parts can be found here

Required tool:

Number Link
1x Screwdriver set  Buy at Amazon
1x Soldering iron  Buy at Amazon

Required material:

Number Link
1x SeeedStudio XIAO ESP32-S3  Buy at Amazon
1x BME680 sensor  Buy at Amazon
1x (optional) BME280 sensor  Buy at Amazon
1x Fermion MEMS Carbon Monoxide Gas Detection Sensor
5x M2x8 countersunk screw  Buy at Amazon
4x M2x6 countersunk head screw  Buy at Amazon
2x M3x8 countersunk head screw  Buy at Amazon
11x M2 thread insert  Buy at Amazon
2x M3 thread insert  Buy at Amazon
1x Stranded wire  Buy at Amazon
1x  USB-C cable 5V/3A  Buy at Amazon
1x  USB power supply 5V/3A  Buy at Amazon
1x 3D printing FIlament PETG  Buy at Amazon


3D printing information

The recommended 3D print settings are listed below. 

  • Filament type: e.g: PLA
  • Layer thickness: 0.2mm
  • Infill: 15%
  • Wall lines: 2

ESPHome example configuration

You can find an example configuration for ESPHome under the following link:


No videos are available yet.


The following is an overview of the usual dimensions of the various pipe segments. If dimensions are missing, please use the contact form let us know and we will add this later.


File list

  • PrintAirPipe_125mm_air_sensor_segment_insert_X.stl
  • PrintAirPipe_125mm_co_sensor_segment_insert_lid_X.stl
  • PrintAirPipe_125mm_sensor_segment_mcu_clamp_V1.0.stl
  • PrintAirPipe_125mm_sensor_segment_V1.0.stl


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