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It’s been a while since PCBWay asked me to test their PCB manufacturing service. This was a perfect opportunity to have the circuit board for the “mobileSupply” project manufactured .

“mobileSupply” is supposed to be a kind of power bank for the bike. The special thing about it is that this power bank can also be charged using the bicycle’s alternating current generator. In addition, this power bank can charge a device and be charged itself at the same time. Actually a simple ability, but not every power bank supports it.

In addition, the power bank should also be easily removable and rechargeable at a socket. So you can charge them before the (possibly longer bike tour).

But now to the actual topic of this review: The PCB service from

Order process

The ordering process is very easy. In principle, it is sufficient to select the “PCB Prototype” category on the homepage and after clicking on “Quote Now” you will be redirected to the page on which you can configure all possible parameters of your PCBWay order.

The first question you have to ask yourself is: What do you want to have made?

Manufacturing options

All kinds of setting options await you during the ordering process. Here you can, for example, set the board material, the thickness of the board material or the copper layer. Various different colors for the solder mask can also be configured.

View of the configuration options during the ordering process.
For example, it is also possible to select flexible PCBs. This opens up some new possibilities. 🙂

The manufactured circuit board

The finished circuit boards (there were five in total) arrived at my place well packaged. In the following a little unboxing video about it.

Unboxing of the manufactured boards
Here you can see a comparison of the original view before production and the delivered boards.
The board with a few of the components to be soldered.
Soldering the first components with solder paste also worked without any problems.
… apart from the fact that I used too much solder paste here and there. : D


First of all, of course, I have to admit that reviews like this always seem a bit biased. Because I also received the circuit boards provided for this purpose free of charge as a sample.

That wouldn’t stop me from writing something negative here, if there had been something.

So far, however, I have to say that I am completely satisfied with the boards and the associated service. The ordering process was problem-free, the many options seem a bit overwhelming at first glance but are ultimately well explained. The delivery (with DHL) was fast. I also liked the “information policy”, because with every new step (e.g. payment received, production completed, shipping, etc.) you were informed by email. Questions could also be answered by email without any problems.

So overall I can recommend 🙂

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