HowTo: Register GoogleMaps API key

Google offers many of its services for free up to a certain limit.

For example, it is also possible to access the Google Maps functionality. This is useful, for example, for cases like the one in the article MagicMirror - Show current traffic overview described.

You can display a local traffic overview on your own MagicMirror and thus see how much is happening on which street in the vicinity while brushing your teeth tomorrow.

To access this service you need an API key. How to get it and what you have to do for it is described in the following article.

Open Maps Platform page

To start registering your own API key, you first need to go to the Google Maps platform website. You can find it at:

Now first log in to the website. To do this you need a Google account. If necessary, you have to create this first. To get to the login field, you have to click on “Login” at the top right.
This will redirect you to the login form which you can use to log in.
After a successful login you will be redirected back to the previous home page.

Now you can switch to the following web page:

This link will take you directly to the Google Maps Platform page where you can register your own API key.
Here you will find all sorts of information that will tell you about the individual functions and possibilities of Google Maps. If you want to start registering the API key straight away, you can simply scroll down until you come to the “GET STARTED” button shown. Then click on this.
On the following page you can now define in more detail which service(s) you want to use. There are three different “information sources”: Maps, Routes and Places. As the names suggest, you can access map information with “Maps”, route information with “Routes” and location information with “Places”. For normal map applications – like the MagicMirror project – we only need the “Maps” function. So mark this and click “Next”.
For a better overview, you can now assign the API key created later to a project.
To do this, enter a unique name in the text input field. This way you can create a separate API key for each project.
After clicking on “Next” you will...
... redirected to the billing page.

At this point you do not need to get scared. This service is free of charge, as promised. You will not be charged any hidden costs. When entering the payment data, the only thing is to make sure that you are not a robot/bot.

On the next page you can read “in black and white” that there are no hidden costs waiting for you. Only if you agree to a debit, for example in order to be able to use more (non-free) functions, will money actually be debited.
Now go through the individual steps and fill out the form ...
... with your payment data ...
… out of. Then click on the “Start free trial” button to confirm the data in order to receive the Google Maps API key.
In the window that now opens, click on “Next”…
... and after a short wait you will ...
Your Google Maps API key is displayed. You can now use it to access some Google Maps services for free.

Have fun with the project

I hope everything worked as described for you. If not or you have questions or suggestions please let me know in the comments. I will then add this to the article if necessary.
Ideas for new projects are always welcome. 🙂

PS Many of these projects - especially the hardware projects - cost a lot of time and money. Of course I do this because I enjoy it, but if you think it's cool that I share the information with you, I would be happy about a small donation to the coffee fund. 🙂

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