News: Okotober 2021 - Current projects

I think it's time again for a little news article in which I tell you what has happened in the last few weeks and what I'm working on. 🙂

Anemosens came third in the Move It 3DP contest

For WinDIY_2 I worked on a 3D printable anemometer.

The result is the "Aenmosens" project. An anemometer that consists mainly of SLA printed components. Built into WinDIY_2, Anemosens is designed to help the wind turbine always point in the right direction.

I am very happy that I was able to win third place in the Move It 3DP contest by Elegoo and Snapmaker with this project. You can also read information about the contest and the winners using the following links. 🙂

You can find more information about Anemosens under the following links.

HubCtrlr v1.2 – Control unit for the hub mechanics from WinDIY_2

I want to use the HubCtrlr(Hub Controller) to control the wing angle of attack of WinDIY_2. For this purpose, the PCB with the electric motors for control is installed in the hub.

The circuit is based on a SAMD21 MCU and, in addition to controlling the wings, also collects a few simple sensor data.

In the meantime I have also installed and tested the MPU6050 IMU and a few other I2C sensors. In order to be able to easily program the SAMD21E18 MCU via the Arduino IDE, I programmed the bootloader of the Adafruit QT Py via the SWD interface. The firmware can now be updated relatively easily via the USB-C connection.


SolarSens is one of my new and old projects. In principle, this is a new edition of my solar-powered weather station.

This time, however, I want to add a few additional options. An ESP32 MCU serves as the basis. This can send the collected data either via the GSM or the LoRa module. In addition to the integrated sensors, up to six additional external sensors can be connected via the built-in QWIIC ports.

One sensor board that could be connected in this way is the "sensorPhalanx" PCB. This actually contains all the sensors required to measure the respective lighting conditions. You can see an overview of the individual features in the following pictures 🙂

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