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I've decided to post a little update every now and then (probably about four times a year) about what's going on in the background on This is my first entry. Therefore I would be happy about any criticism. Please let me know what else interests you or what you think should not be missing in this news 🙂 went online at the end of April/beginning of June and now has around 100 visitors per day. The articles on ESPEasy and NodeRed in particular are probably attracting the most interest. I am very happy about that and I will try to add more articles to these categories soon.

At the moment, however, I'm concentrating most of my available time on the "WinDIY" project and the "Nerdiskerator". You'll find out why in the next paragraph 🙂

WinDIY and the Nerdiskerator on

I am currently working on two projects that have grown together more and more into one project. It all started with the "Nerdiskerator" (more on this below) and "WinDIY" developed from this.

The Nerdiskerator is a disk generator that I have been working on for some time. It should or can be largely produced using 3D printing. Only the magnets, the copper wire, a few screws and some epoxy are also necessary.

When I had finished the first draft for the Nerdiskerator, the question quickly arose as to what I would need it for and what I could use to power it?

The answer to this question is "WinDIY". WinDIY is a wind turbine that consists mainly of 3D printable parts. I have also been working on WinDIY "on and off" for some time now.

At the beginning of the year, however, I decided to take part in the HackadayPrize 2020 with WinDIY. This is a competition in which various projects are supported and you can also win prizes. As a result, I now have a deadline for a project for the first time and am concentrating on it for the most part in my free time. You can find information about the HackadayPrize here:

That's why I've now started documenting two of my projects on for the first time. You can find the project logs for WinDIY here:
You can find the Nerdiskerator project logs here:

Here are a few more photos and videos of the Nerdiskerator and the first setup of WinDIY


An important "ingredient" that helped me build the Nerdiskerator is a small machine that I built especially for it. It helps me to wind the coils for the stator of the nerdiskerator.

I have also documented this (previous) setup on


"MobileSupply" is another small project I am currently working on. The aim is to develop a power bank that can also be charged via the hub generator of a bicycle. You can find more information on my Instagram account here:


BoarDIY is a project that is almost complete except for a few finishing touches. It is a self-built electric longboard. It has two 600W brushless motors and an 8S 5000mAh LiPo with which you can achieve a range of approx. 10km. Most of the construction is documented on Instagram (detailed instructions will of course follow). Until then you can find more information here:


The pxlBlck firmware is also one of my eternal projects. It is a universal firmware (in combination with the ESPEasy Framework) with which various LED matrices can be controlled. Event-controlled animations and much more are possible. You can see current impressions here:

I am currently also looking for testers for the pxlBlck firmware. If you are interested in participating, please let me know via contact form know 🙂

All clocks in this picture can be configured and operated with the pxlBlck firmware. 🙂

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