HowTo: Register API key

About the service from you can get free weather data. In order to access this service automatically - for example from NodeRed or from an Arduino - you need an API key.

This article describes how to register it.

Register user login for

In order to register an API key, you must first set up a user login. Go to the website

And click on “Sign Up” at the top.
This will take you to a form where you can register a user account.

Register API key

Once you have created your user account for OpenWeatherMap, you can now create an API key. An API key is a long string of characters that - similar to a username and password - gives you access to the services offered by OpenWeatherMap.

After you have registered a user account and logged in with it, you will be directed to an overview page.
There you click on “API keys” and you will reach the page where new API keys can be registered.
All API keys that you have already registered will be displayed there. To register a new one, enter a name in the “Create key” section and click on “Generate”.
Your newly registered API key will then be displayed in the list and can be used.

You can now use this API key in your Arduino or RaspberryPi project to retrieve current weather data.

Have fun with the project

I hope everything worked as described for you. If not or you have questions or suggestions please let me know in the comments. I will then add this to the article if necessary.
Ideas for new projects are always welcome. 🙂

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