PrintAirPipe - 50mm pipe segment set - 3D printable - STL files


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Das PrintAirPipe – 50mm Rohr-Segmente Set ist der kleinste Bruder des (ursprünglichen) PrintAirPipe 125 Systems. Die Segmente und Funktionalität ist identisch bzw. ähnlich, sodass sich aus dem PrintAirPipe 50mm System auch ein individuell anpassbares Rohrsystem mit 50mm Außendurchmesser aufbauen lässt.

Dazu können die verschiedenen Segmente beliebig kombiniert und über existierende Adapter auch mit den anderen Rohrdurchmessern verbunden werden.

Das PrintAirPipe – 50mm Rohr-Segmente Set enthält die folgenden Segmente:

  • Winkelsegment 22.5°
  • Winkelsegment 45°
  • Winkelsegment 90°
  • Blindstopfen
  • Verlängerungssegment 50mm
  • Verlängerungssegment 100mm
  • Verlängerungssegment 150mm
  • Verlängerungssegment 200mm
  • Magnetischer RingLock
  • Geschraubter RingLock
  • RingLock mit Wandhalterung
  • Schraubbarer Flange Adapter
  • Dichtungsring 2mm
  • T-Kreuzungssegment
  • Y-Segment
  • 3er Y-Segment
  • 50mm zu 50mm-Schlauch Adapter
  • 50mm zu 100mm-Schlauch Adapter

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There are also the following segments:

Please note: No physical components will be sent. You will receive the files in STL format and must print them out on a 3D printer in order to build the project.

This offer contains the STL files you need to print the 3D printable components for the PrintAirPipe – 50mm Rohr-Segmente Set required.

  • You will soon find further information on the assembly and other components required in the assembly article. It will be linked here as soon as it is published.
  • Observe the safety instructions linked below during assembly and use: Click here

Additional components are required to build the complete project. A complete list of the required parts can be found here

Required tool:

Number Link
1x Screwdriver set  Buy at Amazon
1x Soldering iron  Buy at Amazon

Required material:

Number Link
1-100x M3x8 countersunk head screw  Buy at Amazon
1-100x M3 thread insert  Buy at Amazon


3D printing information

  • Filament type: e.g: PLA
  • Layer thickness: 0.2mm
  • Infill: 15%
  • Wall lines: 2


No videos are available yet.


The following is an overview of the usual dimensions of the various pipe segments. If dimensions are missing, please use the contact form let us know and we will add this later.

File list

  • PrintAirPipe_50mm_22,5_deg_pipe_X.stl
  • PrintAirPipe_50mm_45_deg_pipe_X.stl
  • PrintAirPipe_50mm_90_deg_pipe_X.stl
  • PrintAirPipe_50mm_cap_X.stl
  • PrintAirPipe_50mm_extension_pipe_50mm_X.stl
  • PrintAirPipe_50mm_extension_pipe_100mm_X.stl
  • PrintAirPipe_50mm_extension_pipe_150mm_X.stl
  • PrintAirPipe_50mm_extension_pipe_200mm_X.stl
  • PrintAirPipe_50mm_mount_ring_magLock_assembly_X.stl
  • PrintAirPipe_50mm_ring_lock_wall_mountable_X.stl
  • PrintAirPipe_50mm_screw_on_flange_X.stl
  • PrintAirPipe_50mm_seal_ring_X.stl
  • PrintAirPipe_50mm_T_intersection_X.stl
  • PrintAirPipe_50mm_three_way_distribution_pipe_straight_X.stl
  • PrintAirPipe_50mm_to_50mm_hose_adapter_assembly_X.stl
  • PrintAirPipe_50mm_to_100mm_hose_adapter_assembly_X.stl
  • PrintAirPipe_50mm_y_pipe_straight_X.stl


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