HowTo: 3D printing – Build a foot rattle yourself

When looking for a foot rattle to accompany guitar playing, I had the same problem as with the foot tambourine.

So again: do it yourself. 🙂

Instructions for building your own foot rattle can be found in the following article.

Safety instructions

I know the following hints are always a bit annoying and seem unnecessary. But unfortunately, many people who knew it "better" from carelessness lost their eyes, fingers or other things or hurt themselves. In comparison, a loss of data is almost not worth mentioning, but even these can be really annoying. Therefore, please take five minutes to read the safety instructions. Even the coolest project is worth no injury or other annoyance.

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Required material:

Required tools:

In the following list you will find all the tools you need to implement this article.

Collect the parts you need

In the following picture you can see the parts required to build your own foot rattle.

Print the required parts

Download of all required STL files here:

Attach the elastic band

You can use the strap to attach the foot rattle to your foot. Therefore, you should choose the length to suit your foot beforehand. 🙂

The ribbon should be stretchable. You can find such ribbons in sewing supplies, for example.

With the two clamps, the retaining strap is then attached to the housing of the foot rasp.

To do this, insert the retaining strap into the slots of the 3D printed clamp.

To fix the ribbon in the bracket you can insert it into the slot of the bracket and fix it in the slot with some hot glue.

Then you can screw it to the bracket with two M3x10 screws per end.

Another view.

Of course, you screw the other end in the same way.

Fill in material to “rattle”

The two chambers of the foot rasp must now be filled with “rattling” material. Here you can use what you have available. It works, for example, with rice grains. If you want it to be a bit louder, you can also fill in small metal balls. Just try out what sounds best to you. 🙂

The housing of the foot rattle is now ready to be filled with the rattle material.

For this you need the two M3x50 screws (and nuts) and the four cover caps.

Then insert a nut into the top cap.

This can then closed …

… with the cover flap on the other side.

But first you should of course fill in the “rattle material”.

Then you can screw everything together properly. Make sure that none of the rattle material gets stuck between the cover and the housing and that no slot may remain open.

Once assembled, your foot rattle should look like this. 🙂

Have fun with the project

I hope everything worked as described. If not or you have any other questions or suggestions, please let me know in the comments. Also, ideas for new projects are always welcome. 🙂

P.S. Many of these projects - especially the hardware projects - cost a lot of time and money. Of course I do this because I enjoy it, but if you appreciate it that I share these information with you, I would be happy about a small donation to the coffee box. 🙂

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