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I have to admit that I have not yet found the perfect solution to clearly list all SmartHome-relevant articles.

In order to bring at least a little overview into the available SmartHome articles, here is the following list with all currently available and partly planned articles. 🙂

Hints for our lovely english readers: Basically, many of the articles on are translations from the original german articles. Therefore, it may happen here and there that some illustrations are not available in english and that some translations are weird/strange/full of mistakes or generally totaly wrong. So if you find some obvious (or also not obvious) mistakes don't hesitate to leave us a hint about that in the comment section. 
Also please don't get confused, that instead of a "dot" often a "comma" is used as decimal separator. 🙂


NodeRed – Installing NodeRed on the RaspberryPi
Planned: NodeRed – A first overview
NodeRed – set up user login
NodeRed – Encrypt connection
NodeRed – import and export Node code
Planned: Tasmota – The different ways to send commands to a Tasmota device
Display / find out the IP address of the devices in the network
NodeRed – Execute action at ServerStart
NodeRed – install new nodes
NodeRed – Remote RaspberryPi reboot, shutdown and start
NodeRed – View W-Lan networks in the area
RaspberryPi – install MQTT server on the RaspberryPi


Planned: Tasmota – Under-bed night light to build yourself
Sonoff 433Mhz Rf Bridge flashing with Tasmota firmware
Tasmota – Sonoff 433Mhz Configure RF-Bridge and teach sockets
Tasmota – Build Retro Bulb Smart Home Lamp
Tasmota – GlühWürmchen light chain build yourself
Tasmota – WS2812 Fairy lights to build yourself


NodeRed – Tasmota – A “dead-man switch” or how to use the absence of status messages as an event
NodeRed – Set up the “welcome booster” of the heating in case of a new presence


NodeRed – FritzBox – presence detection with the FritzBox
Planned: NodeRed – read in motion detector events from a Tasmota device


NodeRed – High humidity warning
Planned: Frost warning

Power consumption

Planed: Tasmota – Washer/Dryer Monitoring with Sonoff Pow


NodeRed – Send E-Mail on Events
NodeRed – Pushbullet Send messages at events


NodeRed – Show uptime of the server in the dashboard
NodeRed – MagicMirror – Display data from NodeRed on the mirror
NodeRed – View Internet Connection Information in the Dashboard
NodeRed – Display system data of the RaspberryPi on the dashboard
NodeRed – FritzBox – Show call notification
NodeRed – FritzBox – Show caller list in the dashboard
NodeRed – Obtain current weather data from OpenWeatherMap
NodeRed – Display IP cam images in the dashboard


Planned: party light

Magic Mirror

MagicMirror – Installation of the required software
MagicMirror – install 3rd party modules
MagicMirror – Show current traffic overview
MagicMirror – Setting up the autostart

Have fun with the project

I hope everything worked as described. If not or you have any other questions or suggestions, please let me know in the comments. Also, ideas for new projects are always welcome. 🙂

P.S. Many of these projects - especially the hardware projects - cost a lot of time and money. Of course I do this because I enjoy it, but if you appreciate it that I share these information with you, I would be happy about a small donation to the coffee box. 🙂

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