Build your own OpenSource SmartHome

I have to admit I haven't yet found the perfect solution to clearly list all SmartHome-relevant items.

In order to provide at least some overview of the available SmartHome items until then, here is the following list with all currently available and partially planned items. 🙂


NodeRed – Installing NodeRed on the RaspberryPi
Planned: NodeRed – A first overview
NodeRed – Set up user login
NodeRed - Encrypt connection
NodeRed - import and export node code
Planned: Tasmota – The different ways to send commands to a Tasmota device
Display/find out the IP address of the devices in the network
NodeRed – Execute action at ServerStart
NodeRed – Install new nodes
NodeRed – Remote RaspberryPi reboot, shutdown and start
NodeRed – Show WiFi networks in the area
RaspberryPi - Install MQTT Server on the RaspberryPi


Planned: Tasmota – build your own under-bed night light
Flash Sonoff 433Mhz Rf Bridge with Tasmota firmware
Tasmota – Configure Sonoff 433Mhz RF bridge and teach sockets
Tasmota – build retro light bulb smart home lamp
Tasmota – Build your own glowworm fairy lights
Tasmota – WS2812 light chain to build yourself


NodeRed – Tasmota – A “dead man switch” or how to use the absence of status messages as an event
NodeRed – Set up a “welcome boost” for the heating when a new person arrives


NodeRed – FritzBox – presence detection with the FritzBox
Planned: NodeRed – Read in motion detector events from a Tasmota device


NodeRed – Warning when the humidity is too high
Planned: frost warning

Power consumption

Planned: Tasmota – washer/dryer monitoring with Sonoff Pow


NodeRed – Send email on events
NodeRed - Send pushbullet messages on events


NodeRed – Show server uptime in the dashboard
NodeRed – MagicMirror – Show data from NodeRed on the mirror
NodeRed – Show internet connection information in the dashboard
NodeRed – Show RaspberryPi system data on the dashboard
NodeRed – FritzBox – Show call notification
NodeRed – FritzBox – Show caller list in the dashboard
NodeRed – Get current weather data from OpenWeatherMap
NodeRed – Show IP cam images in the dashboard


Planned: party light


MagicMirror – Installation of the required software
MagicMirror – Install 3rd party modules
MagicMirror – Show current traffic overview
MagicMirror – set up autostart

Have fun with the project

I hope everything worked as described for you. If not or you have questions or suggestions please let me know in the comments. I will then add this to the article if necessary.
Ideas for new projects are always welcome. 🙂

PS Many of these projects - especially the hardware projects - cost a lot of time and money. Of course I do this because I enjoy it, but if you think it's cool that I share the information with you, I would be happy about a small donation to the coffee fund. 🙂

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